The Bumble ‘Real’ campaign centred itself around humanizing the Bumble experience. It helped to show Australian users and market that they can use Bumble to gain real connections in a relationship through each of its’ platforms – Bumble, business opportunities through Bumble BIZZ or friends/relationships through Bumble BFF. These ‘real’ moments were broken down into three separate 2 minute films to represent Bumble, Bumble BIZZ and Bumble BFF.  We communicated this through a combination of humour targeting specific audiences and the Gen-Z market.

The challenge for this project was to create these ‘real’ moments that are relatable to the Australian audience in a timeframe of under two weeks. From initial contact to ideation and script writing to post-production, Crater turned around the whole project in a extremely short time whilst maintaining a strong stylistic look and feel.


Crater also worked with Bumble for their #standtallwithbumble International Women’s Day campaign. Bumble wanted to turn tall poppy syndrome on its head by launching a content campaign celebrating empowered women who empower others. The campaign was led by a content video to be shared across Bumble Australia social channels which will featured 3 of Australia’s key female entrepreneurs discussing tall poppy syndrome – Lorna Jane Clarkson, Sarah Holloway and Kristin Fisher.

The goal for Bumble was to create a movement amongst women where they highlight and celebrate the achievements of their friends, colleagues or women they know as a response to Tall Poppy Syndrome. When the content was released, Bumble sent out bouquets of yellow poppies to influential Australian women inviting them to participate in the campaign and create their own video or social post.