Luna Laures
Dorith Mous

Chris Sebastian
Hard To Get LoveĀ 

A coming-of-age story that comes full circle in what feels to be one continuous take.

It feels like groundhog day except each setup brings us a step forward. The music video shows Chris revisiting past relationship and the moment they unravelled. His decision to leave was tough, but one that had to be made to eventually find the right soulmate.


A Crater Global Production
Director – Simon Morehead
Cinematographer – Julius Koivistoinen
Producers – Steven Farrer & Justin Solomons
1st AD – Ed de Carvalho
1stĀ  AC – Tom Brooks
2nd AC – Mondo Hays
Gaffer – Nicholas Thomsen
Electrician – Luke Fuller
Steadicam – J. K.
Steadicam Assistant – Jordan Hill
Stylist – Ellie Hinkley
MUAH – Renee Sayed
Colourist – Julien Chichignoud
Design – Matthew Freeman

Equipment provided by
Panavision Australia, ARRI Australia & Rentacam

Featuring Chris Sebastian
Supported Roles – Vanessa Madrid, Tanya Stone, Adele Hamer, Sabina Alfonso

Luna Laures
Dorith Mous