Sarsha Simone


The track is a self empowerment seminar in a little under 5 minutes, as she finds strength in her ‘daydreams’ of success and the grind to get it. She croons over a lush trap style instrumental, showcasing her effortless delivery and the strength in her unique timbre. In the music video, she channels these vibes into a stunning finished product, complete with complimentary colour palette and luxe costume changes.

Directed by Aislinn Lowe and backed by dancers Emma-Louise Potts, Jinnie Widnyana, Rene Habernicht and Amanda Clothier, we see Simone looking perfectly at home amongst a hyper stylised desert oasis, complete with surreal imagery pulled straight from a day dream.


Client: Sarsha Simone

Prod Co: Futurenoir

Director & editor: Aislinn Lowe

AD & Assistant Producer: Olivia Costa

Cinematographer : Goldie Soetianto

AC: Zeke Collins

Production designer and stylist: Brooke Lagana

HMUA: Celeste Gubb

Production stills: Troy Baird

BTS: XingerXanger