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Good Energy | Science Fair TVC

Good Energy’s first ever TVC, launching themselves as the UK’s only true green energy provider. GoshDamn came up with a concept that looks at the darker side of what our kids believe our future to look like, along with a more positive alternative.


Producer: Rebecca Ramsden
Agency: Enviral
Account management: Ed Wirgman
DP: Tim Fok
Covid Supervisor: Mel Brown
1st AC & Focus: Jack Hayter
2nd AC: Bethany Fitter
Grip: Steve Pugh
Gaffer: Mark Holownia
Spark: Craig Shepherd & Rowan Holownia
Photographer: Ed Schofield
Art Director: Lou Foley
Art Dept: Sarah Hackett
Hair & Makeup: Amelia Lawson
Colourist: Dan Moran
Colour producer: Suzi Grochala
Sound design: Tony Wall
Runner: Nick Corkhill
Chaperone: Kim Douglas
Security: Lindsay Seymour

I-Kay & Ngozi Agu
Ben & Harry Manning
Mary & Georgina Dibbs

Voice Over
Lucy Rowe

Joy Think About It