New Era Europe
‘The Music Generations’

Episode 01 of 05, in a series made with New Era, Elias lets the cameras into his studio in Berlin to show where his art is created, he also revealed a special New Era collaboration. In homage to his roots, he’s created a collection of hats featuring the ‘Flyest’ which appears on all his work and even the chain around his neck. “The cap is called ‘The Flyest’, because that’s my nickname,” he said. “Because it’s the ‘Flyest’, the eagle is on there.” The eagle embroidery features prominently on a 59FIFTY, a 9FIFTY and a 9FORTY, and all the caps are available in either navy or black.

“Music and style always go together,” explained Elias, “as a musician in any kind of genre, it’s very important to express yourself. I have a lot of people who inspired me. Obviously, the early 90s and 2000s play a big role in my style. Every rapper was wearing a New Era hat back then. So, to be associated with the brand is obviously a dream come true. Everyone who has grown up and listened to rap music knows about New Era. It’s 100% authentic and it’s staying forever.”


Brand – New Era Europe
Agency – Kinc
Business Director – Paul Campbell
Account Manager – Niels Verhaert
Production – Crater Global (UK + AU)
Executive Producer – Steven Farrer
Commercials Lead – Justin Solomons
Creative Director – Simon Morehead
Social Media Manager – Brooke Morehead
Producer – Karli Baumann
Director – Felix AAA
DP – Max Gold
Editor – Louis C. Brandt
Colourist – Marcus Friedlander
Sound Mix – Joseph Dutailis
Photography – Felix AAA