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The Widow’s Last

Vanessa has always been moved by human stories and lives from bygone eras, especially ones that grapple with real issues that we can all relate to, which is perhaps how this story was born…

The Widow’s Last is very much a story of the past that resonates with our present. It poses the question – how will we respond to need we see through the life of a destitute Irish widow who encounters a wounded Englishman and must decide if she will be hardened by hatred or moved in compassion? The film employs a parallel narrative, to sharply counterpoint the paths of forgiveness and hatred. When we meet Kathryn and Sean, they are both in a place of hardship, they both blame the English for their suffering but as the story progresses and their choices diverge, we see with painful clarity the downward spiral of Sean’s character as he seeks vengeance and the redemptive nature of Kathryn’s path as she chooses compassion.

Set in Ireland, during the third year of The Great Hunger, The Widow’s Last tells the story of Kathryn Healy, a hardened widow who fights to keep her young son alive during one of the darkest times in human history. Starving from lack of food and with her son stricken by fever she stumbles across an English landlord, wounded and himself on the edge of death. This encounter with the enemy sets her on an unexpected path where she is forced to confront her own inhumanity and make choices…

Can she find it within herself to help a man she considers the enemy? Then faced with a neighbour bent on vengeance against the English, can she hold to her newfound convictions without putting herself and her son in further danger? And will the choices she makes lead to destruction or might they ultimately save her?

With her debut short, director Vanessa Perdriau has produced a powerful, moving film that examines the nature of our humanity, anchored by outstanding performances. At its core, this is a profound story of forgiveness, sacrifice and redemption, poised to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Kathryn: Charlotte Peters
Edmund: Matthew Wolf
Sean: Damien Hasson
Michael: Sam Hardy
Mary: Gaoimhe O’Shea

Reel Issues Film
Producers: Jackie Sheppard, Luke Walton, Christopher Gray

Director: Vanessa Perdriau
DoP: Andy Catarisano
Production Designer: Felicity Boylett
Editors: Andy Toovey, Vanessa Perdriau
Score: Luke Atencio
Visual Effects. Framestore
Sound Post: Halo Post


WINNER ‘Best Short Film’ Edinburgh Indie Film Festival
WINNER ‘Best Production Design’ Birmingham Film Festival
71st BAFTA AWARDS ‘Best Short Film’ Longlist
IN COMPETITION ‘Best Short Film’ Flickers: Rhode Island Film Festival 2017
IN COMPETITION ‘Best Short Film’  Galway Film Fledh 2017
IN COMPETITION ‘Best Short Film’ Irish Film Festival London 2017
IN COMPETITION ‘Light in Motion Award’ Foyle Film Festival 2017
Official Selection LA Shorts Fest 2017
Official Selection Rhode Island Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Savannah Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Portland Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Brooklyn Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Toronto Shorts Int. Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Dingle Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Toronto Irish Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Chicago Irish Film Festival 2017
Official Selection London Lift-Off Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Cinema in the Smokies Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Disappear Here Film Festival 2017

Joy Think About It