Drew (Bmore) is Craters go-to for motion and animation. Drew specialises in graphic design, illustration, animation and sometimes Game Design.

I thoroughly enjoy my work and consider myself blessed to be able to have such a good time doing what I do. I think the reason that I enjoy it so much is that I love problem solving, I am the person that tries to guess who the murderer is in the detective movie (though I have learnt to keep my thoughts to myself) and the person that likes to come up with the best strategy or the optimum setup in a computer or board game. To me, Design is problem solving. It is all about finding a graphical solution to a need, finding a way of expressing an idea or an emotion in a way that is accessible on a range of levels.

While my goal in design is to solve problems to the best of my ability, I got into the industry because I wanted to create something special, something that will change someones outlook, or even just bring a smile.

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