Louis C. Brandt is a passionate cinematographer & filmmaker whose work spans across multiple aspects of film production with experience in commercials, documentaries, music videos and shorts.

KINSALE Shark Award INTERNATIONAL Silver 2019 ‘Best Use of Film Stock’ – What You See

Winner ‘Best Director’ AFFA 2018 – Co-Director Simon Morehead & Louis C. Brandt – Local Supply

EMI Music, Uber Eats, Tommy Hilfiger UK, New Era UK, Tiffany & Co, Coca-Cola & VOGUE Australia

Recent projects include a commercial shot in Auckland for Zepsri Kiwi Fruit, a Music Video shot off the back of this in Queenstown for artist JOY. Currently, pitching a docu-series featuring Australia & New Zealand’s most renowned wineries and the people & families behind them. Production began in 2020’s vintage with a pilot episode featuring Tyrrell’s Wines.

Louis is a member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS).

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