Luna Laures
Dorith Mous

Tyne-James Organ
Sunday Suit
from his upcoming album

“Sunday Suit is all about dancing away your troubles. In the nude. But alone so it’s not creepy lol. But bringing it to life visually I didn’t want to sing the words ‘dancing naked’ so I thought a Sunday Suit could be a nod to that. This is one of my favourites on the record and I’m very excited to play it live!”


Label – Dew Process
Production – Crater Global
Head of Production – Steven Farrer
Producer – Brooke Morehead & Justin Solomons
Director – Simon Morehead
DP – Jack Shepherd
AC – Molly Sutherland
Gaffer – Nicholas Thomsen
Best Boy – Elder
Hair & Make Up – Renee Sayed
Choreography – Cassandra Merwood
Dancers – Cassandra Merwood, Shannon Hanrahan, Gelina Enriquez, Juwai Pitkin
Edit – Simon Morehead
Colour – Julien Chichignoud

With thanks to Nick @ Anitas Theatre for the location.


Luna Laures
Dorith Mous