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    CRATER Global is at the intersection of culture, crafting emotionally driven content that blurs the lines between a brand’s story and their consumers lives.


    The Crater Way

    Brands Strategy




    The Roster


    Pick one, pick all! We’re the neapolitan of the visual world. We produce a product but we give it many flavours. Cup, cone, we’ll serve it to your style. Want a little sprinkle, that cherry on top? Sometimes you’ve got to offer more to give your clients what they desire.

    People come to Crater for its specialty in the ability to produce and execute quality visual content, but it’s the added extras that we offer up that give us (and you) that additional ‘x’ factor.

    This is the blueprint for a successful campaign. We get head deep into understanding who you are, your challenges and where you want to be. Working alongside some of the best strategists in the game, we create short or long term brand strategies to help grow your business and your brand’s personality.

    We’ll work with you to ensure your project gets the insight, hits the targets, tells the story and creates that big bang effect!

    Brief, check. Idea, check. Problem, check. No idea, check-mate. We’ve got it sorted.

    We aim to deliver our clients unique ideas led by our creatives and roster of thinkers. Some play outside the box, some within it, others flip the whole planet on its head. You ask for one, we give options. We’re not here to be quiet, we’re here to make noise.

    Crater works with clients to both build upon their brief or dream up ideas purely from a problem need solving.

    Crater is led through core staffers who connect, understand and offer ‘choice’ to our clients. The limelight is then shone onto our preferred suppliers who deliver the ideas in conjunction with our creatives. For those brands and clients who desire a Director not listed, we also work with niche Directors on a project to project basis.

    Our pre-production sees us onboard additional operators that are suited to the project at play – whether it be in style, background or expertise in the genre. We like to bring an upfront attitude and cut the beating around the bush. Tell us what you’ve got and we’ll pack the right tools for your campaign – meaning you’ll get everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

    The production sees our true craft spring into action, it’s our brightest star. Our Directors, Cinematographers and encompassing crew members all bring their game to set. We’ve worked on the productions with 40+ talent, the untrained actors and stood shoulder to shoulder with some real heavy hitters, leaders and OGs. We’ve worked films at day, night, magic hour, no light, on bridges, land, ocean and even aiming to take one to the skies. There’s no project too big or too small but do be warned – our sets are addictive!

    The slice, dice and the cream to your pie is undertaken through outsourced operators and teams Crater has formed a relationship with over the last 10 years.

    Crater also collaborates with other production houses and agencies to co-produce and deliver campaigns on both a Domestic and international scale.

    Crater does the ATL, the BTL, the WTF and everything in-between. Our team have contributed campaigns in multiple formats spanning across all platforms. We’ve done the short and the long in documentaries, TV series and films. In fact there isn’t one we haven’t executed be it a TV commercial, in-cinema, digital billboard, web or content built for your social feed (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, TikTok).

    We understand BIG. That big ideas build big audiences and in return give clients big sales. We get the eyeballs, create the LOLs (and sometimes the tears), stop the thumbs scrolling and build engagement with our audiences to convince them to click.

    Our ‘Preferred Roster’ is where we start each project. We like to look at it as being a little different to others out there. At Crater, we’re changing things up – We don’t take claim to owning our roster of individuals. We hold no restrictions. We encourage our rostered operators to work alongside other agencies, brands and production houses. We’re of the belief that everyone deserves their voice to be heard and their vision to be seen, we’re a part of a collaborative industry, so we like to live by this. Our roster represents a new, younger generation of creatives pushing their craft with a few old dogs in their too! We want to create the new breed of talent coming through our industry, bringing clients a new and fresh take on visual content moving forward.

    We offer our roster the opportunity to put forward their interest and ideas on each brief we receive.  Whether it be a campaign directed towards  the commercial space revolving around sports, fashion, lifestyle with narrative, humour or drama we give them a shot at all. This approach allows for our roster to have their ideas put in front of our clients in turn offering distinct variations in execution.

    Crater is here to support and guide our roster offering them a production house to lift their vision off the ground, albeit for a film, music video or personal project.


    We like to call ourselves ‘Nomads.’ Whilst there’s no place like home, we don’t like to restrict our work or our clients. You’ll find our team based all around the globe, reaching pockets far and wide for our clients who desire production on a local or international scale.

    You’ll find our presence looking over the Sydney skyline, watching long sunsets in the west of Perth and fighting sandstorms in the UAE. We’re cruising the rivers in Brisbane, the canals of Amsterdam and crossing waterways over the London bridge.

    There’s no distance we can’t go and no place we can’t charter.