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    Snaps of NEOM


    In an era overflowing with visuals, CRATER’s groundbreaking project with SOVEREIGNS took us on a 15- day expedition to NEOM, a hidden wonderland.

    Collaborating with leading Unsplash and Getty Images photographers, we aimed to capture NEOM’s essence, inviting viewers to journey alongside. Our diverse talents transformed this quest into over 130 films, including a 60- second promo and a four-minute documentary.

    With an ensemble of creative minds, from cinematographers to composers, we weaved a narrative that transcended visuals, leaving a lasting impact.

    This project exemplified our global emotional connection, mastery from start to finish, diverse director collective, innovative prowess, and proven impact, solidifying CRATER’s commitment to powerful storytelling.


    Unlocking the Unseen: A Journey into NEOM’s Hidden Realms 

    In a world inundated with visuals, where every moment can be captured and shared, how can a brand truly transcend the noise and create a connection that resonates globally? At CRATER, we embrace this challenge, weaving emotionally evocative stories that transcend borders and immerse audiences into unexplored realms.

    We embarked on an unprecedented project that exemplifies our core proposition. This was no ordinary assignment; it was a daring endeavour that merged the artistry of CRATER with the creative genius of SOVEREIGNS, a dynamic director duo.


    Unveiling NEOM: A Creative Odyssey

    Over the course of 15 days, our collaboration took us to NEOM, a land of untamed beauty and undiscovered landscapes. Alongside 13 distinguished Unsplash and Getty Images photographers, we set out to capture the essence of NEOM, documenting their journey as they ventured through regions untouched by most of the world.

    The mission was clear: to capture not just visuals, but the very soul of NEOM, making viewers feel like companions on an extraordinary expedition. With every sunrise, every curve of light, and every unique angle, the photographers and CRATER seized the opportunity to encapsulate the spirit of a place unknown.

    Simon Morehead, one-half of the SOVEREIGNS director duo, recounts, “Each day was a revelation, a canvas painted anew by the sun’s first rays. The land, the people, and the energy infused our project with a sense of wonder that transcends words.”

    Creative Approach

    Crafting the Extraordinary: A Collaborative Triumph

    The collaboration brought together an ensemble of creative minds, each contributing their artistry to shape a narrative that would echo in the hearts of viewers. The talents of award-winning cinematographer Louis C. Brandt, underwater operator Alicia Franco and contributor Jesse Desjardins added depth to the visual tapestry.

    Editing by Rachel Goldsworthy, SOVEREIGNS, and Christopher Deeks ensured a seamless flow that mirrored the journey’s organic rhythm. The music composition and sound design by Jonny Higgins, design and mixes by James Martel, along with lead colour grading by Jonny Tully, and secondary by Joakim Rissveds and Julien Chichignoud, elevated the storytelling experience, stirring emotions and enhancing immersion.

    Louis C. Brandt, the DP behind the lens, shared his insights, “To see a group of creators collaborate in an environment like this is a rarity. The camaraderie and the sharing of visual stories, it was humbling. It affirmed the power of storytelling to unite diverse talents.”


    Beyond Visuals, Proven Impact

    The culmination of our labour resulted in over 130 films, each an embodiment of our core values and propositions. The centrepiece, a four-minute documentary, woven with emotion and depth, narrates the photographers’ exploration of land and sea.

    Furthermore, a 60-second promo, transports viewers into NEOM’s enigmatic landscapes, leaving them captivated by its allure. These films, a testament to our ethos, were produced in collaboration with Vamp, Unsplash, Getty Images, and NEOM, embodying our capacity to translate creative vision into proven impact.

    Our journey through NEOM was more than a creative endeavour; it was an affirmation of CRATER’s commitment to redefining storytelling. The experience, the connections, and the stories shared etch an indelible mark, reminding us that our pursuit of emotional resonance knows no bounds.



    Client – NEOM

    Client Lead – Jesse Desjardins & Tammy Mac Bean

    Unsplash Vice President of Partnerships – Elisabeth Rosenak

    Getty Images Snr CD – Anthony Holland Parkin

    Vamp Co-Founder and Head of ME – Karl Mapstone

    Vamp Partnerships Manager – Keith Walker



    Agency + Production – CRATER

    Exec Producer – Camille Laborde (MENA)

    Exec Producer – Steven Farrer (AUS)

    Creative Direction – SOVEREIGNS (James Hulbert & Simon Morehead)

    Social and Digital Lead – Brooke Morehead


    Direction – SOVEREIGNS (James Hulbert & Simon Morehead)

    DP – Louis C. Brandt

    Underwater – Alicia Franco

    Additional Footage – Luke Stackpoole

    Trailer Edit – Rachael Goldsworthy

    Episode Edits – Christopher Deeks & SOVEREIGNS

    Colour – Jonny Tully @ Cheat (Trailer & Episode 01)

    Grade Producer – Théa Dagnaud (Cheat)

    Colour – Joakim Risvelds (Location and Creator Episodes)

    Grade Producer – Sara Eng & WGT

    Sound Design & Music Composition (Trailer & Episode 01) – Jonny Higgins

    Sound Design & Mix (Location & Creator Episodes) – James Martell

    Motion – Ted Thorpe


    Trailer VO – Joshua Earle



    Adam Pretty , Annie Spratt, Alex Stead, Clay Banks, Jakub Arendarik, Jeremy Bishop, Luke Stackpoole, Mareen Fischinger, Marco Bottigelli, Mike Rall, Motasem Awad

    Featured Talent:
    Aziz Alnemer, Ibrahim Shams, Madde Dölling, Osama Jouhari, Salma Shaker and team NEOM