‘Home Truths’
Running Touch

The first episode of the Home Truths content series, powered by Yamaha Headphones. This series takes Australia’s fastest rising artists back to explore their various musical homes – from their childhood house, to the city, the studio, the stage and beyond. Episode One features rising alt-pop star Running Touch, whose work has always been one to bend conventional limits. As a founding member and key studio writer of Ocean Grove (the Australian hardcore band he formed when he was 13), he moulds heavy rock experimentalism with fragments of electronica and pop. As Running Touch, he is a master-of-all-trades: a songwriter, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and creative director whose work stretches beyond normal limits to create entire, multi-sensory universes. With the hero episode featured on the Yamaha Global YouTube channel.


Agency – Bring Agency
Artist Management
– Lauren Mikkor
Creative & Production
– Crater Global (AU)
Executive Producer – Steven Farrer
Commercials Lead – Justin Solomons
Director – Simon Morehead
DP – Louis C. Brandt
Editor – Simon Morehed
Stills – Jordan Munns & Shevin Dissanayake
Social Manager – Brooke Morehead
Sound Mix – James Martell
Colourist – Julien Chichignoud